Norm & Linda Outdoor Okanagan Wedding


Norm & Linda’s outdoor Okanagan wedding was a blast. Not only was this couple fun to shoot but they had high expectations for me as a photographer. I remember the first time I met them – Linda with her outgoing and bubbly personality and Norm with his quiet stare seemingly to question my every move. (Haha, I should mention that Norm and Linda are now my friends and we keep in touch regularly). I like when the pressure is on because it forces me to push the envelope and really deliver!  I feel I did just that, and I know they would fully agree.


The wedding day was nothing short of exceptional. The gardens were in full bloom and finding unique shooting angles came naturally. The threat of rain was fading away and that provided some coolness to the air, plus nice white clouds over a blue backdrop. Just what we were hoping for. The wedding party was not large, it was friends and family of Norm and Linda many of whom had traveled from outside of Kelowna specifically just to attend this beautiful outdoor Okanagan wedding. 


The Belgo Wedding Chapel offers lots of wonderful angles that I was discovering as guests were arriving. The ceremony took place under the shade of the open air chapel. After the ceremony the couple took the opportunity to do a little dancing in the pathways between the flower gardens. We also took a moments rest on some benches that offered the perfect backdrop to frame this beautiful couple.

Dinner was at the Eldorado Hotel on the water. So Norm and Linda before dinner, took the opportunity to go onto the rooftop for some photos of a different kind. The setting there reminded me of a dream because we were above the other buildings and with the glass railings it seems like they could jump onto a cloud and drift away.

Project details:
  • Client: Norm & Linda
  • Project Started: June 09, 2013
  • Completed on: July 05, 2013
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