Jason Babakaiff is the principal photographer at Babakaiff Photography.


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Jason Babakaiff & his wife Jennifer

Jason Babakaiff

Jason Babakaiff is a loving husband to his wife Jennifer Chen, who would describe him as caring and kind-hearted. Clients describe Jason as being dedicated to their needs and able to deliver the best photos given sometimes challenging circumstances. Friends describe Jason as being always cool, calm, and collected – a true friend, one who is honest and willing to lend a hand.

In Short

Jason Babakaiff has been strong into photography since his formal and practical education. Since then he has over a decade of professional photography experience. He loves setting the bar hight and always tries to exceed his clients expectations. If you have any questions regarding photography, it’s process, and practices, please contact Jason Babakaiff.


Provide worry free service, and have every client feel enthusiastic about sharing their new photos. 


With having taken (analogue) photography in high school and later working in photo labs Jason Babakaiff had acquainted with a few professional wedding photographers. In 2004 Jason Babakaiff started as a second (photographer) and his career quickly blossomed. These were the film days, and prior to this his talent on the computer were already strong having had one-on-one lessons from an industry professional building websites from scratch in the late nineties. His graphic design and photography skills melded perfectly together when digital became more mainstream; the harder-then-digital start in cameras had engrained in Jason the ability to capture very technically sound images. Over the years he has been on the pursuit of bettering his skills by accomplishing a Digital Video certificate at CATO (The Centre of Arts and Technology Okanagan) and taking on a five year apprenticeship with a professional photographer originally from Vancouver. Now Jason operates independently. 


Today Jason often travels between Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton to deliver high quality photography services to his clients who are primarily builders. He has a strong focus on achieving photographic excellence and supporting his clients in their branding by understanding their marketing needs. 


Jason will be more than happy to meet in person or electronically and answer any questions you may have about wedding & engagement photography. His goal is always to make the photography an enjoyable part of the wedding process. Contact Jason Babakaiff today!