Darrel & Marie Kaloya Regional Park in Oyama


Kaloya Regional Park in Oyama was so brilliant that day, the colour and beauty – it’s as if the park itself was waiting for Darrel & Marie. I arrived early, as is my habit, so I could take photos of the setting before the guests and wedding party arrived. Looking around and taking pictures – I must have been smiling all day. It sort of felt like I was only an observer and the day floated by slowly like a dream.

Darrel & Marie had arranged for white chairs to be placed on the beach. Every angle was a good angle and the backdrop was the waters edge of Kalamalka Lake. With the mountains floating atop their own reflections in the background, the guests were my foreground, and the couple my subject. This perfect setting is what Kaloya Regional Park is famous for.


The interesting thing about this wedding was that I hadn’t even met the couple before hand! That’s right, they came to me as a referral and I had probably spoken to Darrel all of two times over the phone. I was their wedding photographer right off the bat. Darrel, from my opinion had a strong no-nonsense strait-to-the-point way about him that I liked. Whether it was personality, persistence, or something more divine, the day was flawless. After the ceremony Darrel’s motorcycle “just happened to get onto the beach somehow” and I couldn’t let the opportunity go to waste, so a little instruction on where to stand, and placement of flowers and hands – and we had our shot! 

Oyama is not so well known especially Kaloya Regional Park in Oyama. If you want to book a wedding there you will need to contact the regional parks office by following this link: EECO

Project details:
  • Client: Darryl & Marrie
  • Project Started: September 12, 2015
  • Completed on: September 26, 2015
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