Nick & Yazz’s Church Ceremony


If you know Yasmeen then you know she’s a genuine ball of pure joy to be around. She is artistic, caring, and great with people. Now, as can be expected with the hours leading up to a church ceremony, things are usually – busy, to say the least. Thankfully though her parents own the popular hair Salon & Spa (Letaya) in Kelowna. This provided for an excellent venue for the women as they got ready. However with many friends and family around, each with their nerves a little higher than normal, and each wanting to lend a helping hand, things can become – well – a little chaotic.

On the other side of the coin (and town) there’s Nick. As all the groomsmen get suited up for the big day, things were pretty cool given that it’s normal to have a little jitters on your wedding day. For some reason it looked like these guys were more or less just getting ready for a party with the exception of the suits and the tying of ties and folding of handkerchiefs. 


From the outside, it’s a normal church ceremony like any other. On the inside we have friends and family who will likely only all be gathered in this place once to celebrate this very special couple. Yasmeen’s family on the left, and Nicks on the right. Some of whom traveled from afar, and others from town. The ceremony that took place was a touching one. It was almost impossible to hold back tears of joy as this lovely couple were wed.


After the church ceremony we took the couple downtown to take some photos. A sunny Okanagan day, a beautiful couple, and the iconic Sunset Waterfront Resort as our backdrop. This was the perfect day. It was all fun and games, photos with family and friends, music, dancing and drinks as the day turned into night. 

It’s truly a wonderful sight to see when such a positive person – a person who glows on any given day – finds that special someone to become the light in their life. I am so happy to know that my friend Yasmeen has found such a person.  

Click here to view and download photos of Nick and Yazz’s wedding. (password required) – link expired


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