Nick & Tracy at Waterfront Park


Waterfront Park located in downtown Kelowna is one of the most beautiful settings you will find in all of the Okanagan. Nick & Tracy chose me as their engagement photographer as well as their wedding photographer. However in this gallery I will be talking specifically about their engagement photos.


Nick and Tracy were awesome! They love to work hard and play hard, and for this couple I wanted their photos to be really special. I could tell they were on board through the whole consultation. Even though everyone knows the area, I knew I could find some angles at waterfront park that would show a little different. So I went to the locations (there and Kasugai Gardens) to find angles that I hadn’t seen or shot before! The dates were set. We broke it up over two days to make it easier on everyone and the results were spectacular. They loved their photos. Having two locations for photography, and on two different days, with a change of clothing really helps to have a better experience and better photos. This couple were a lot of fun to photograph.


I made for them a very unique album, something that represents them as a couple. It has a beveled crystal cover and the pages are made from real photo paper. They tell me they will cherish it forever – I love hearing those words because it means I’ve done my job well as their photographer. 

This couple will hold a special place in my heart because Tracy and I were friends in high school. I’m so glad to see her with a man that makes her smile, someone who can provide for her, and most of all, someone who likes having as much fun as she does. They now have a child which makes the photos even more special because it represents a timeframe in their lives that can be (as they say) cherished forever.

Project details:
  • Client: Nick & Tracy L.
  • Project Started: September 08, 2011
  • Completed on: October 08, 2011
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